Drey Ricks | Players Unlocking the Power to Perform at Their Best 

Drey Ricks, “Unlocking the power to an incredible game performance starts within, not the day of the game but leading up to tip-off is extremely important to the state of mind.  State of mind preparation is the underrated power.”

Drey Ricks says, “Many athletes train and practice expecting to perform under ideal conditions but, when things go slightly wrong, it can generate so much stress and ruin competitive performance due to lack of preparation.”

Drey Ricks | Players Unlocking the Power to Perform at Their Best

Preparation as a whole is a very broad topic within the arena of basketball. However, Drey Ricks strategy is to create a mindset that lets players consistently perform to their best capabilities and talents in competition.

The strategy includes two main components. The first component begins days (or even weeks) before competition and includes learning the strategies that instill greater mental toughness. For example, athletes should begin working on their focus, confidence, composure, and other important game strategies.

The second component is applying specific pregame routines that help players perform at your best. These routines should incorporate strategies that create the kind of mindset needed right before a competition.

In today’s world, the top athletes work with Basketball Performance Therapist to develop a pregame or warm-up routine that includes various mindset game strategies, such as focus, confidence, trust, and creating a game plan.

Drey Ricks | Players Unlocking the Power to Perform at Their Best

Drey Ricks says, “Pregame routines instill confidence, focus and a success-oriented mindset when the whistle blows. In addition, pregame routines should be customized for each athlete, depending on individual preferences, whether the athlete is competing at home or away, and after determining what works for each person.”